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Welcome to International Piano Gallery

Welcome to the web component to our gallery.

We offer a large selections of quality instruments for sale from grands, verticals and digital pianos new and preowned. We also offer full technical services from basic service to full restoration. As you continue to view this site, you will find different categories and terms that we use in describing certain pianos and their conditions.

New: These pianos have never been sold and carry a new manufacture's warranty.

Pre-Owned: These pianos are still in their original form, ranging from one to thirty years of age.

Refurbished: These pianos normally only need minimal restoration and are restored to good playable condition.

R&R Rebuilt: These pianos have been rebuilt, refinished and most parts have been replaced.

Classic Grands: These are pianos of importance, from the late 19th and early 20th century. They are normally fully rebuilt and their cases include inlays, exotic woods, carvings, unusual designs and finishes.

Hopefully this information will give you guidance as you travel throughout our website.